Balance Tire                                 $10.00
Bead Seal Tire                             $10.00
Car Wash                                      $9.00
Charge Battery                             $5.00
Install Tube                                    $12.00
Mount Tire                                     $12.00
Mount & Balance                          $18.00 +
Plug Tire                                        $15.00
Patch Tube                                    $10.00
Rotate Tires                                  $16.00 +
Valve Stem                                   $9.00

ATV Mounts                                  $16.00 +

NYS Tire Fee                                $2.50 each
Disposal Fee                                $5.00

Body Shop

We have provide collision and paint repairs. Marty Reese has over 20 years experience with us refinishing body work and glass installation. We provide free estimates and only charge for what we do. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Service Department

Labor Rate                                     $60.00/hour

Diagnostic Scan                            $25.00 

(inludes 2 scan for same problem)
Car Inspection                                $21.00

Trailer Inspection                            $6.00

Oil Change                                     $29.00 +


Gas Station

Body Shop Rate                           $61.00/hour

Full-service attendants to pump your gas, check your oil, put air in your tires, etc. 
We sell hardware, gasoline, oil, grease, belts and have over 20 different brands of tires available from 3 suppliers that deliver daily. We also have a limited inventory of used tires for sale.
Business Hours:
                                Monday-Friday                            8:00am-6:00pm
                                Saturday                                       8:00am-5:00pm
                                Sunday                                            Closed
Damage-free towing with wheel lift/recovery truck and flat bed tows.
We are contracted to tow for AAA and GEICO & provide service for many other towing services.
our Trucks comply with New York State and AAA regulations and All drivers are licensed, AAA and/or Wreckmaster trained with 10 to 30 years experience.

Minimum charge                      $80

Winch                                       $2.00/minute

Mileage to scene                      $3.00mile

Loaded miles towed                 $4.00/mile


Man & truck                              $90/hour during business hours

                                                 $120/hourafter hours                            

                                                 $180/hour midnight – 7:00 AM